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Heritage Style - Blue Plaques

blue plaque
round plaque

Most of us have seen blue plaques on our travels, Attached to buildings, telling of important people or significant events.

We offer to make you a blue plaque for use as a gift, to commemorate or just for fun.

The layout options are endless, you can have it just how you want it.

Made from 3mm Acrylic sheet like Perspex, fully weather proof

our most popular size is 195mm diameter approx 7 1/2 inch

Dark Blue Acrylic

Machined to a circle, then engraved with your wording. We then infill the design with white enamel, giving a long lasting sign.

The front surface has a matt finish.

They can be used for any life event or just for laughs.

We will make other sizes, just ask.

​Some common uses

  • Birthdays

  • Anniversary's

  • Wedding

  • Achievements

  • Jokes

  • Quotes

  • Memorials

  • Ponds

  • Hot tubs

  • Man cave

We always have great fun designing these signs, every order is treated as if it were a personal job for us, it's a matter of pride. We want each plaque to look it's best.

The layout is based on the information we are given, it may be suitable to add graphic elements such as logos or clip-art.

A layout is always emailed so we can get approval before starting to engrave.

We will make any changes or alterations, and send a revised layout.

blue plaque layout

Show the world that you are proud of your family or something you have built.

Here you can see a layout that we created

and the final plaque that resulted.

You can see the colours in the layout are slightly different to the acrylic, but give a fair representation of what to expect.

heritage plaque

Check out this gallery of previous plaques & get some ideas,

remember each plaque is personalised just for you.

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