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Canvas Image Upload

For us to supply you with a quality canvas, we need the best version of your image.

Digital cameras and mobile phones take great photos and depending on your settings they are normally of a good file size.

If your photo has been shared on or downloaded from facebook, messenger or whatsapp  it may have been reduced in size and quality.

Whenever possible use the original image file at its largest size.

We will email you with a proof layout of what your canvas will look like when cropped to the size you have selected. Bear in mind the image you have and whether it will suit the size and shape of canvas you would like. 

Image Resolution

We print our canvas at 300 dpi

Dots Per Inch

The image shows how quality decreases as the dpi is reduced

Image size and it's dpi work together to determine how large something can be printed and still look acceptable.

If you had an image 4 inches square with a dpi of 300 and you wanted to use it on a 8 inch square canvas. You are in effect doubling the image size but halving the dpi to 150

This is the reason images start to look pixelated when enlarged.

It's a bit of a juggling act to find a happy middle ground, to get the required size with an acceptable print quality

It all comes back to starting with a good image.

If in any doubt you can upload your image with a message stating what size you would like and we will see if the image is ok and let you know, this can be done with out placing an order.

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