Frequently asked questions


What is a canvas wrap?

A canvas wrap is a ready to hang piece of wall art. We start with a digital image that is edited to the desired size, then printed onto quality polyester canvas fabric. we need enough image so that we can 'wrap' it arround a wooden frame. the image seems to flow round the edges. The wooden frame is 18mm deep, this is the distance from the wall to the front of the canvas. A metal hanging clip is attached to the back so it can be easily hung on a nail, screw or picture hook. We can print in full colour or black & white. Sizes available from 8x8 inch up to 20x30 inch Square, rectangular and panoramic sizes You can upload your own images and we will let you know if they are suitable for any given size. The canvas size is what you see on the front of the canvas, anything outside of this area will start to go round the edges. The print size is the total area including the wrap edges. we need 1.5" extra image all round to allow for wrapping. Canvas Size / Print Size ( artwork size )
8 x 8 / 11 x 11
8 x 10 / 11 x 13
8 x 12 / 11 x 15
8 x 16 / 11 x 19
8 x 20 / 11 x 23

How do i know my image is good enough?

You can get an idea if you image is going to be ok by zooming in on it to the point where you think its at the size of the canvas you are considering. Bear in mind images tend to look better on a digital screen than they will when printed. You can also look at the image properties, image size, file size and dpi Image Resolution We print our canvas at 300 dpi Dots Per Inch The image shows how quality decreases as the dpi is reduced Image size and it's dpi work together to determine how large something can be printed and still look acceptable. If you had an image 4 inches square with a dpi of 300 and you wanted to use it on a 8 inch square canvas. You are in effect doubling the image size but halving the dpi to 150 This is the reason images start to look pixelated when enlarged. It's a bit of a juggling act to find a happy middle ground, to get the required size with an acceptable print quality It all comes back to starting with a good image. If in any doubt you can upload your image with a message stating what size you would like and we will see if the image is ok and let you know, this can be done with out placing an order.

What type of canvas do you print on?

We use a quality 260gsm polyester canvas.


How clear is PETG?

PETG is crystal clear, just like glass. The sheet is supplied with a peel off covering on both surfaces.

PETG What sheet sizes are available?

  • A4+ 330mm x 227mm
  • A3+ 450mm x 330mm
  • A2+ 660mm x 450mm
All sizes are approx +/- 3mm

Can PETG be supplied cut to size?

Yes we can supply cut to size panels as well as custom shapes If you buy the sheet and simply want it cutting into basic square or rectangular sizes we can do this on our electric guilotine. If you require more complex or precision cutting, this can be done on our CNC. This example has been cnc cut to be made into a face shield. We are happy to quote on cutting.

Postage Delivery

Can i collect?

We do allow collections, this is by pre-arranged appointment.


Do you offer wide format prints?

Yes we can print images and photos in wide format up to a max 44 inches wide.

Cutting / Engraving

Can plastic be Cut to size?

Yes we will cut to specific sizes, just ask us for a price.