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Engraved Plastic Laminate Sign

1.5mm thickness

Can be used inside or outside.

The surface is engraved away to reveal the colour underneath.

Single sided only


English Heritage Spoof

Fun Sign


Options available

  • Choice of Color
  • Choice of Font - image will show fonts available for this sign
  • Fixings - Plain, Sticky or Holes


When entering your wording in the text box's, please follow these guidelines.

Clear instructions help us produce your sign without delays.

  • 1st top box: Enter the exact text you want engraved using upper and lower case as required as well as any punctuation. This box will have a character limit that relates to the sign size.
  • 2nd box: This is where you can specify any instructions as well as your line breaks, please follow this format: LINE 1: your text LINE 2: your text etc...


Preview of layout

We will send you a layout for you to check, remember to reply to this or your order will be delayed. 

195mm Round English Heritage Spoof Engraved Laminate Sign

  • Engraved signs need very little maintenance, if they become dirty clean with warm soapy water and a soft cloth

    Avoid any harsh chemicals or abrasives.

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