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Engraved Slate Sign

10mm thickness approx

Natural Slate

We engrave the slate with your house number and optional street name.

The lettering is then painted white to give a good contrast.


Slate is a natural material so there will always be colour and shade variations, the slate we use is 10mm thickness with a smooth front surface.


Options available

  • Choice of Font - image will show fonts available for this sign
  • Fixings - Plain or Holes


When entering your wording in the text box's, please follow these guidelines.

Clear instructions help us produce your sign without delays.

  • 1st top box: Enter the exact text you want engraved using upper and lower case as required as well as any punctuation. This box will have a character limit that relates to the sign size.
  • 2nd box: This is where you can specify any instructions as well as your line breaks, please follow this format: LINE 1: your text LINE 2: your text etc...


Preview of layout

If the sign is simple and straight forward we do not generally send you a preview, we may do so if we think something is wrong or needs checking.

If you would like to see a preview of your sign, ask for this in the 2nd box, remember to reply to this or your order will be delayed. 

A4 approx 30cm x 21cm Slate Sign

  • Engraved signs need very little maintenance, if they become dirty clean with warm soapy water and a soft cloth

    Avoid any harsh chemicals or abrasives.

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