Plastic Laminate Sign

1.5mm thickness


No Cold Callers
No Canvassers, No sales People
No Religious Groups
We do not buy at the door
Thank You


Engraving reveals the lettering colour

Use inside or out

  • Weather Proof
  • Vandal Resistant

Size is 95mm x 45mm approx

choose fixing option

  • Plain back / no holes
  • Self-Adhesive

No Cold Callers design 1 ( 95mm x 45mm approx )

  • If you choose to have self-adhesive backing, please bear in mind that it will stick very well to clean flat surfaces such as:

    • Glass
    • UPVC
    • Gloss painted wood
    • Flat clean metal

    It will not stick to dirty, greasy, dusty or irregular surfaces.

    It is also worth mentioning that the double sided tape we use is to be considered as permanent, try to align the sign carefully as you may find it very hard to remove afterwards.

  • If you choose plain the sign will have no holes or adhesive backing.